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How Many Eggs Do Scorpions Lay?

Scorpions lay their eggs in the soil. They lay between 10 and 15 eggs at a time. The number of eggs per clutch varies depending on the species of scorpion.

Scorpions go through three stages of life: egg, nymph, and adult. After the female scorpion lays her eggs in the ground, they hatch after a few days into baby scorpions called nymphs. The nymphs are very similar in appearance to adults but have smaller legs, no pincers or stingers and they do not have venom yet.

The nymphs go through several molts until they reach maturity at which point they can reproduce. For example, Arizona bark scorpions molt about five times before becoming sexually mature adults that can reproduce; however, most other species only require two or three molts to become able to reproduce.

The female scorpion deposits her eggs in a burrow underground or under rocks, logs or other debris where they will stay until they hatch into baby scorpions called nymphs.

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Last modified: October 13, 2022