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How Many Dots Does a Pair Of Dice Have?

A pair of dice has 36 dots, 12 on each face.

The dots are arranged in a pattern known as opposite faces summing to seven, or OFS for short. In this pattern, the face with 1 and 6 is opposite the one with 2 and 5; the face with 3 and 4 is opposite the one with 7.

The chance of getting any individual number is one in six (1/6), but the chance of getting two numbers that sum to seven (two 1s, for example) is one in 36 (1/36).

This means that if you roll two dice together and have a fair game (for example, you’re playing craps), there’s a 1/36 chance that they’ll come up showing a total of seven or more. That’s why it’s called snake eyes: You’ve got two eyes (“snake eyes”), but no other numbers on your dice.

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Last modified: November 24, 2022