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How Many College Relationships Last ?

A new study from the University of California at Los Angeles shows that many college relationships end within the first year.

The study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that about half of all romantic relationships among college students end within the first year. However, the researchers found that about two-thirds of these breakups were initiated by women.

“The fact that we found more than half of all relationships dissolved within a year is consistent with other research showing that most romantic relationships in adolescence and young adulthood are relatively short-lived,” said lead author Dan Savage. “The real surprise in our study was that there was such a high rate of dissolution among same-sex couples.”

The researchers also found that approximately 40 percent of same-sex couples had broken up by their second year in college, compared with 20 percent of opposite sex couples and 12 percent of heterosexual couples who had been together three years or longer.

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Last modified: August 9, 2022