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How Long Was Bilbo’s Journey?

Bilbo’s journey was a long one, beginning in September of ’29 and ending in September of ’30. He departed on September 22nd, with Gandalf and thirteen dwarves. It was a dangerous journey, and Bilbo almost died several times. The dwarves had to fight goblins, wolves and trolls before reaching Rivendell. They lost two members of the party along the way: Balin and Thorin Oakenshield’s brother Thrain II (the son of Dain II Ironfoot).

The party arrived at Rivendell on October 26th, where they met Elrond and other elves for the first time. They stayed for some time before heading out again on November 5th. Gandalf left them here to go southward along the River Anduin seeking news of Gollum, who had escaped from him near Dol Guldur.

The next day they came upon Beorn’s house (he had been away fighting goblins). Beorn welcomed them into his home and gave them shelter while they rested there; he also provided them with food for their journey. He insisted that Bilbo remain behind as he would need someone to guard his home while he went off fighting goblins (he planned on returning in two days’.

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