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How long is the PUBG ban in China?

According to a report from TechNode, it seems China’s ban on PUBG will remain in place for at least another year.

A source close to Tencent told TechNode that the company’s license renewal with the Chinese government has been stalled due to the game’s violent nature, and that it’s unlikely to be approved before July 2020.

Tencent was originally issued a license to publish PUBG in China in November 2018, but it was revoked just three months later following complaints from parents and teachers over the game’s violence and in-game gambling. The company appealed the decision, but its appeal was rejected on March 29th.

As part of this latest development, Tencent is reportedly working on using “non-violent elements” from PUBG as part of its strategy to get its license renewed next year. It’s unclear exactly what this means right now, but it could involve turning off some of the game’s weapons or tweaking other aspects of its core gameplay experience.

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Last modified: August 7, 2022