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How Long Does Sake Last After Opening ?

Sake is a fermented rice beverage that’s enjoyed around the world. It’s similar to beer, but it’s made with water, not grain. Sake can be enjoyed straight up or mixed into cocktails.

Sake is at its best when it’s fresh, so it’s best not to store it for too long after opening. The shelf life of sake depends on the type you buy and how you store it once opened.

The shelf life of sake depends on whether it has been pasteurized or unpasteurized, as well as other factors like its alcohol content and storage conditions. Pasteurization is a process used to kill bacteria in food products like wine and beer by heating them to high temperatures for a short time period. It also extends the shelf life of these products by killing any potentially harmful bacteria that could spoil them over time.

Unpasteurized, unrefrigerated sake tends to have a shorter shelf life than pasteurized versions because they contain living yeast and bacteria that can spoil over time if left out at room temperature for too long. The alcohol content of unpasteurized sake ranges from 15% to 18%, while pasteurized varieties typically have an alcohol content between 14% and 16%.

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Last modified: August 1, 2022