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How Long Do Shampoo Bars Last ?

What type of soap you’re using. Some soaps are harder than others, and some are softer. Softer soaps will melt faster than harder ones; shaving soaps tend to be more oily, while castile soaps tend to be more watery.

How often you use it. If you use a bar of soap once per week, it’ll last longer than if you use one every day.

How much hair you have. If you’re working with less than shoulder length hair, it’s likely that one bar will last much longer than if your hair goes down past your shoulders—not only because it takes less soap per wash (there are fewer strands), but also because the ends of your hair won’t break off as quickly when they’re not being exposed to water as often.

What kind of shampoo you’re using (if any). If you’re going “no poo,” a single bar can last indefinitely since no water is involved in the process—but don’t expect it to lather up like traditional shampoo does!

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Last modified: August 16, 2022