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How Long Can Chicks Go Without Food?

Chicks can go without food for 24 hours. If they are kept in a brooder, it is important that they have water. The chick will not die from going without food for 24 hours, but it may not grow as fast as it would if it had been fed regularly.

Chicks can go without food for about 24 hours, as long as they have access to water. They need the energy from food to grow and thrive. If a chick is removed from its mother before she can teach it how to eat, you need to hand-feed it until it’s mature enough to eat on its own.

Chicks cannot live without water for more than about 24 hours because their bodies need hydration for proper functioning. Chickens naturally drink water by tilting their heads back and taking a quick sip through their beaks. Chicks also keep themselves hydrated by bathing in dust baths (a shallow hole filled with dry dirt). A good rule of thumb is that if your chick looks like its feathers are sticking out or has dried droppings on its bottom, then it needs water or its drinking container is dirty.

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Last modified: October 12, 2022