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How Long Can A Car Go Without Coolant ?

The answer depends on the type of car, how old it is and what type of engine you have. A car with a newer engine and modern coolant can go for about an hour without any problems. However, if your car is older, like an 80s model, or if you have a carbureted engine (no fuel injection), then it could be much shorter than that.

If you’re driving around with no coolant in your engine, the first thing you’ll notice is that your temperature gauge will be running higher than normal. This means that there’s less cooling air getting through to your cylinders and heads. The hotter the air gets, the more pressure builds up inside your engine – which can lead to damage over time.

The reason why older cars need more frequent coolant changes is because they don’t use green antifreeze like newer vehicles do – they use plain water instead! Over time this water evaporates out of the cooling system and leaves behind mineral deposits (which are very corrosive) – these deposits will eventually clog up your radiator fins and cause leaks…so make sure you replace your antifreeze every two years or so!

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Last modified: August 16, 2022