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How Long After Dying Your Hair Can You Perm It ?

The question is not very clear. We are assuming that you are asking about how long after dying your hair can you perm it? If so, then the answer is one month.

Perm is a chemical process which changes the structure of your hair. It makes it curly or wavy rather than straight. The chemicals used in perming damage the hair cuticles and make them weak and brittle.

After this process, the cuticles are open and it takes some time for them to close again (about 4-6 weeks). This leaves your hair vulnerable to external factors like sun exposure, heat and cold.

During this time, if you want to color your hair, you should wait for at least one month before doing so as it may cause severe damage to your newly colored hair. After dying your hair with bleach or any other harsh chemicals like ammonia-based dyes, wait for at least two weeks before coloring it again because these chemicals make your hair very fragile during that period of time and coloring them could cause severe damage to their structure and appearance.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022