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How Far Can A High School Qb Throw?

The average high school quarterback can throw the ball approximately 30 yards. If a quarterback is able to throw the ball 40 yards, he may be considered exceptional. In fact, the average NFL quarterback can throw the ball about 35 yards.

The answer to this question depends on what type of throw we’re talking about. For example, if you asked how far can a high school quarterback throw a deep pass (a pass that travels 20 yards or more), the answer would be much farther than if you were asking how far they could throw a short pass (a pass that travels less than 10 yards).

The average high-school quarterback can throw a deep pass up to 50 yards with good control and accuracy. That’s because these quarterbacks typically have enough arm strength to make such throws. However, when it comes to short passes, most high-school quarterbacks will only be able to complete passes within 10 yards of their own line of scrimmage unless they are throwing a bullet pass (a very fast and accurate pass).

A good way to think about this is by comparing pro football players to their counterparts in other sports like baseball or basketball. In those sports, players don’t need exceptional arm strength in order to compete at an elite level because there aren’t as many long passes being thrown as.

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Last modified: October 3, 2022