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How Do You Say Not This Time In Japanese ?

It’s a phrase that’s been used in America for decades, but it’s only recently been adopted by the Japanese. The phrase is used in response to someone that you have beat at something, or someone who has beat you at something.

It is not considered rude to say this phrase because it is only used when two people are equal in skill level or ability, and one person beats the other. For example: If you are playing basketball with your friend and he scores on you, it would be rude to say “Not this time” because he did not outplay you or beat you in any way.

If he scored on a lucky shot though, then yes it would be appropriate to say “Not this time”. It can also be used when someone asks if they can use your car for a few hours and then comes back hours later saying that they ran out of gas or something similar (they should have asked first).

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Last modified: September 20, 2022