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How Do You Say Beautiful In Arabic?

Arabic is a language that has its own unique words for beautiful, and it’s not just about saying “beautiful” in Arabic. The language has many different ways of describing the beauty of things, including people.

There are a few words that are used to describe beauty in Arabic, including khubz (feminine) and khubs (masculine). The word khubz means “loveliness,” while khubs means “adorableness.” Khubz and khubs can both be used as adjectives or nouns.

Another word that can be used to describe beauty is nazih, which means “graceful,” “elegant” or “attractive.”

You might also hear someone say that something is mutrib or muwaffiq. Mutrib means “handsome” or “beautiful,” while muwaffiq means “charming” or “lovely.”

If you want to say that something is beautiful in Arabic, there are many ways to do so!



in arabic is بشرين. It means beautiful in arabic.

beautiful (adj.)

  1. having a pleasing or attractive appearance; “what a beautiful flower”; “pretty hair”; “beautiful eyes”
  2. pleasing to the senses or feelings; “what a beautiful day”; “the beautiful scenery”; “a beautiful dress”
  3. possessing qualities that delight and please; “a beautiful new car”; “the beautiful people”
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Last modified: November 3, 2022