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How Do You Lock A Tesla ?

Tesla’s Autopilot is getting a lot of attention for its self-driving capabilities. But it’s also a lot more than that.

The features that make Tesla vehicles unique are the ones we sometimes take for granted. The company has developed its own software and hardware solutions to enable all those features — including collision avoidance systems, traffic monitoring, and even self-parking.

One of these features is keyless entry and start, which allows you to unlock your car and get in without having to use a physical key or fob. It’s an incredibly convenient feature that works as advertised with almost no effort on your part.

But what happens if you want to lock your vehicle? Here’s how to do so with the Model S or X:

1) Tap the button on the door handle twice (the same motion you use when unlocking). You’ll see the driver seat belt light flash and hear a chime confirming that your car is now locked (or unlocked). If you don’t hear this chime or see the lights flash, make sure that your phone is connected via Bluetooth and try again.

2) If everything checks out, but your doors still won’t lock after two taps on the door handle button,

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Last modified: October 2, 2022