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How do you combine the gems in Minecraft?

If you want to combine gems in Minecraft, you’ll need a crafting table and some gems. Gems are found in the ground or mined from ore veins. When you place them into your crafting table, you’ll see a new option to combine them.

You can use up to three different types of gems in a single combination attempt. They all have to be the same type, though — so if you’re using one diamond, one emerald and one sapphire, they all have to be diamonds (or emeralds or sapphires).

The first thing that happens when you combine gems is that one of them will be lost — it will disappear from your inventory and become part of the new gem. This means that if you’re trying to create an emerald by combining three diamonds, two diamonds will vanish and only one new emerald will appear. If two out of three diamonds were already emeralds when they were combined with each other, then only one would be lost when combined with the third diamond.

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Last modified: August 3, 2022