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How Do Kpop Idols Not Sweat?

The K-Pop scene is constantly evolving and changing, but one thing that has stayed true is the willingness to push boundaries and experiment. While there are many things that set apart K-Pop from its Western counterparts, one of the most interesting is the way idols look so immaculate all the time.

While K-Pop stars might be known for their perfect hair and makeup, they are also known for not sweating at all when they perform or dance on stage. This is especially surprising because the average K-pop concert lasts at least an hour and a half — meaning that performers are dancing and moving around for more than two hours straight in front of thousands of people.

So how do these stars not sweat? It’s actually pretty simple: They have a team of professional stylists who always ensure that their makeup looks flawless before every performance!

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Last modified: November 19, 2022