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How Did Transportation Impact Colonial Regions Differently?

Transportation was one of the most important factors of the colonial regions. Transportation allowed goods to be produced in one place and sold in another. This allowed people in rural areas to sell their goods, such as corn or lumber, and buy other goods that they needed for their daily lives. However, transportation also had many negative effects on colonial regions.

The first effect was that it created a new type of economy that relied on exporting goods from one region to another. In order for this system to work, there had to be a way for goods to travel from one region to another without getting damaged or lost along the way. This meant building roads and canals so that goods could be transported more easily between different regions. The problem with this is that it required money which would have been better spent on other things like building schools or hospitals for your own people.

Second, transportation caused people to leave home and look for jobs elsewhere because they couldn’t make enough money locally anymore because everyone was selling their goods at lower prices than they were buying them back at home. This caused unemployment rates to rise dramatically and left entire communities devastated when everyone moved away leaving no one left behind who could take care of them.

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Last modified: September 20, 2022