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How did the 1982 World Cup in Spain change Italy and the Italians?

By the time the 1982 World Cup started, Italy and the Italians had already changed significantly. The team’s success at home in 1980 had helped to foster a sense of national pride that was new for most Italians. In addition, the economic boom of the 1970s had given rise to a new generation of young consumers who were eager to enjoy themselves and spend money on leisure activities such as travel.

The 1982 World Cup was held in Spain during the summer vacation period when many Italians traditionally went on vacation and took their families with them. This meant that many fans could attend games without missing work or school or having to pay for high airfares. The games were played in large stadiums that could accommodate tens of thousands of spectators without difficulty. For example, when Italy played Poland at Sarriá Stadium in Barcelona (capacity: 45,000), there were nearly 60,000 people in attendance!

The Italian team’s performance during this tournament confirmed what many had suspected all along — that Italy was indeed one of the strongest teams in Europe and perhaps even in the world. After all, they had won all five European Championships since 1968!

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Last modified: July 31, 2022