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How Did Rama Know That Sita Was Not Married?

After being away from his wife Sita for 14 years, he sent an army to search for her.

The army was lead by his brother Lakshman and they went to a place where Rama had previously lived.

They asked everyone there if they had seen Sita, but no-one had. They went on further and asked people in other villages the same question, but again no-one had seen her.

Finally, they got to a village where Rama had once lived with Sita and everyone remembered him because he was such a good person. The people told the army that Rama and Sita had left the village together many years ago and nobody knew where they were now.

When the army reached Ayodhya (Rama’s home town), they asked everyone there if they had seen Sita, but again no-one knew anything about her whereabouts. Then one old woman said “Wait! There’s this girl who lives near here who has been living alone for many years – maybe she knows something about your missing queen?”

So the soldiers went to visit this girl (whose name was Mandakini) and when she opened the door she was surprised because she didn’t know anyone in town except for Rama.

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Last modified: October 1, 2022