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How Did Estarossa Stop Revenge Counter ?

The story of the revenge counter is one of the most famous stories in the history of the world. It is the story of how a man named Estarossa stopped a revenge counter.

The story begins with a king who had a son, and he loved his son very much. One day, when his son was very young, he was playing with his toys and got dirty. So he went to wash his hands in a nearby fountain. While he was standing there washing his hands, a man came along and started hitting him on the head with a stick. The king’s son cried out for help but no one came to help him because everyone thought it was just fun for them to watch someone else’s child get hurt like this.

The king heard his son crying out for help and ran over as quickly as possible to see what was going on, but by then it was already too late – the man had already knocked out all of the teeth from his son’s mouth! The king became very angry at this point (you might say that he had an “attitude problem”) and asked who this man was who had done such an awful thing? The man replied proudly that he was not only.

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Last modified: August 14, 2022