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How Did Athens Benefit From Victory In The Persian Wars ?

Athens benefited greatly from its victory in the Persian Wars. The Athenians were able to increase their power and influence in Greece, which allowed them to establish their dominance over the region.

They also gained control of the Aegean Sea, which gave them access to important trade routes and resources. In addition, they were able to expand their empire into Ionia and other parts of Asia Minor.

Athens was a city-state with a population of around 100,000 people during this time period. It was located on an island off the coast of Greece called Attica, which is now known as the Peloponnese Peninsula.

The land surrounding Athens was very fertile, so it was able to grow crops like olives and grapes for export purposes and support its large population with agriculture.

The Greeks had been fighting against Persia since 499 BC when Darius I invaded their territory with an army consisting of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of ships. They were able to defeat him at Marathon (490 BC), forcing Darius to retreat back home with heavy losses.

He would continue sending military forces against Greece over the next few decades, but they never gained much ground due to their lack of naval forces compared.

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Last modified: August 9, 2022