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Hey Is For Horses Meme?

In the world of memes, there’s a lot of bad content. But hey, hey is for horses meme? is one of those that always makes me laugh. It’s a pretty simple visual gag, but it works because it’s both funny and relatable.

The phrase “hey is for horses” was coined by the kids in the movie “Romeo + Juliet”, which seems unrelated at first glance. However, when you think about it, being called “hey” has always been one of the most annoying things in life — because it’s usually said in an obnoxious way. So when you’re told that hey is for horses meme? it can be pretty funny!

So if you hear someone innocently chatting with the words “hey” and “horse”, don’t assume they’re talking to a horsey. They’re probably just trying to get your attention.

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Last modified: September 12, 2022