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Go You Have To Be Smart To Be A Pilot?

I’ve been interested in aviation since I was a kid. I remember watching planes take off and land at the airport near my house. I’d watch the planes circle around and make their approaches, then land and taxi to their gates. The whole time I was thinking: “I want to do that!”

I’ve always been fascinated with airplanes, so it’s no surprise that my interest eventually led me to become a pilot. Along the way, I discovered that pilots are some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet — both in terms of knowledge and common sense.

Flying an airplane is not like driving a car or riding a bicycle — it requires specialized knowledge and skills. You have to learn about weather systems, airspace, navigation tools and more before you can legally fly an airplane solo (without an instructor). And once you start flying solo, there’s still much more training required before you can fly commercially for an airline or charter company.

But just because flying requires a lot of training doesn’t mean that being smart is essential to becoming a pilot. In fact, being smart isn’t even on most airlines’ lists of hiring requirements! Instead, they’re looking for people who are capable of learning quickly and adapting to new situations.

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Last modified: November 7, 2022