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Does Walmart Do Watch Repair?

Yes, Walmart does watch repair. However, if your watch is more than a few years old or is extremely valuable, it may be better to take it to a professional. Walmart’s watch repair service is mainly for keeping your watch running and working as intended.

Walmart will not be able to repair your watch if it’s damaged beyond repair. The store does not offer any repairs for cracked or broken crystals, missing hands or dials, or broken bands. If your watch needs any of these repairs, you’ll need to take it to a professional.

If you have a waterproof watch that has stopped working properly, you can bring the item into Walmart and they will attempt to fix it for free.

If you have a quartz or automatic movement and want to see if it needs fixing before sending it out for service, you can test the battery yourself by removing the back cover of the watch and using a screwdriver to gently tap on the battery until it moves around inside its housing (you’ll need another person helping with this). If this doesn’t work and your battery still isn’t moving around inside its housing, then it’s time to take your item in for service.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022