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Does Sasuke have feelings for Naruto?

Naruto has always had feelings for Sasuke.

However, as the story progresses, it becomes evident that Sasuke’s feelings for Naruto are not reciprocated.

In the Chunin Exams arc, when Sasuke leaves to save Orochimaru, Naruto is heartbroken and devastated by his departure. He cries out for Sasuke to come back over and over again.

In the Naruto vs. Itachi arc, when Itachi tells Naruto about the death of his parents, he says: “You have no idea what loneliness is.” This could be interpreted as a direct reference to Naruto’s loneliness without Sasuke in his life.

The next time we see Sasuke after that moment is during the battle between himself and Naruto at the Valley of the End (Sasuke’s first appearance post-Chunin Exam). He tells Naruto that he doesn’t care if he dies because he has nothing left to live for anyway. This shows us that despite his belief that he is unworthy of love or friendship, his feelings for Naruto remain strong even after all this time apart from each other.

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Last modified: August 10, 2022