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Do You Bleach Your Hair Wet Or Dry?

Bleaching your hair is a process that involves chemical reactions, and wet hair is less likely to be damaged from the chemicals than dry hair. Bleaching your hair when it’s dry can cause split ends and other problems, so I recommend bleaching it when it’s wet. You don’t need to wash your hair before bleaching it — just make sure it’s clean and free of any styling products like gel or mousse.

Put on a shower cap if you have one, then pour some bleach onto a bowl or paper plate and dip a toothbrush into it (or use a brush applicator). Apply the bleach sparingly — you don’t need much — to just the roots of your hair, focusing on the front where you want more lift. Avoid getting bleach on your scalp or face; it will burn if you do!

Wait 20 minutes for lightening to start happening, then rinse off with cold water until clear water runs through all of your hair strands. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo once more to get rid of any leftover chemicals and give your scalp a rest from all those harsh chemicals, then condition as usual.”

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Last modified: October 11, 2022