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Do Real Estate Agents Sleep Around ?

Real estate agents are always on the road, meeting new people and making deals. However, it is not just the hard work that they put in that helps them be successful. Real estate agents also need to look good in order to attract clients and succeed in their business.

They also need to maintain a good social life so that they can keep up with their clients and colleagues. In this busy lifestyle it can be quite difficult for real estate agents to maintain a relationship with their partners or spouses at home. This can lead to infidelity and thus adultery among real estate agents.

A recent survey has shown that there is a high number of cheating among real estate agents than other professions such as doctors and lawyers. The survey was conducted by Ashley Madison which is an online dating website for married people who are looking for extramarital affairs. The survey shows that about 33% of real estate agents have cheated on their partners while only 26% of lawyers have done so in the past year alone!

The reasons behind this trend may vary from person to person but one thing is for sure, cheating among real estate agents has increased over the years due to the stressful lifestyle they follow in order to succeed in their business.

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Last modified: September 5, 2022