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Do Pigeons Have Feelings ?

Do pigeons have feelings? It’s an interesting question. Birds are often overlooked as sentient beings, but they are also birds of prey, so it is important to make sure your cat does not eat the poor bird.

Pigeons are very intelligent and social animals. They communicate with each other using a wide variety of sounds and body language. They can recognize human faces and respond differently depending on the person they are seeing. Some experts believe that even though pigeons cannot talk, they may still be quite intelligent.

There are many stories about pigeons being heroes, saving people from fires and other dangerous situations. Because of their intelligence, these birds tend to develop strong bonds with humans over time.

The pigeon is one of the most common pet birds kept by people around the world today and they make great companions for anyone who wants a little extra company in their life!

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Last modified: August 12, 2022