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Do Pigeons Eat Other Birds?

If you live in a city, the answer is yes. Pigeons are omnivores and will happily eat birdseed and other seeds as well as worms and bugs. They also have been known to eat the eggs of other species, so it’s not surprising that some people worry about their bird feeder being destroyed by pigeons.

Pigeons are very smart birds and they can figure out how to get at your bird feeder. If it hangs too high, they might try to attack it from below by leaping up into the air, grabbing on with their strong feet and then pulling themselves up onto the platform.

If your feeder is on a pole or tree branch, they may just fly right up to it and try to grab the seed directly from its perch instead of flying off with it first.

They’re also pretty good at opening doors. Pigeons may be able to open sliding doors on patios or porches without damaging them in order to get access to food inside your house or apartment building. This can lead to serious problems if there are small children around who could potentially be injured if a hungry pigeon comes charging out at them unexpectedly!

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Last modified: November 6, 2022