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Do Guys Wear Cologne To Impress?

Guys wear cologne to impress, but they also wear it out of habit. Once you start using cologne, you may find yourself reaching for your bottle or spray every time you get dressed. You’ll also probably notice that people react differently to your scent than they did before you wore it regularly.

Some guys believe that women are attracted to the way a man smells. They think that by wearing cologne, they can make themselves more attractive to women and be more successful with them in dating and relationships. It’s true that some women do like the way men smell, but not necessarily in a romantic sense. Women often say that they prefer their own natural body odor over cologne because it makes them feel more comfortable around other people.

Women can also be turned off by men who use too much cologne or who use fragrances that don’t go well with their natural body chemistry or lifestyle. For example, if a woman prefers a clean-smelling man who doesn’t wear aftershave every day or use deodorant every day then she might not like someone who wears cologne every day and uses deodorant every day as well.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022