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Do Camels Scare Horses?

Camels are known to be very aggressive, even to humans. They have been known to charge people and they have also been known to bite people. The camel’s bite is so strong that it can break bones. Camels are also known for spitting at people who get too close.

Horses are much smaller than camels and there is no way that a horse could possibly hurt a camel by biting them or kicking them. However, horses are not as aggressive as camels and so when the two animals meet in the wild, it is likely that the camel will chase away the horse.

The reason why camels chase horses away is because they do not like competition for food. Camels can eat plants that horses cannot eat without getting sick and so if there is limited food available, then camels will chase away any other animal who might try to take some of it away from them.

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Last modified: November 10, 2022