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Do Both Wheels Spin Front Wheel Drive?

Yes, in a front wheel drive vehicle, both wheels are powered. The engine powers the front wheels and the rear wheels are pushed by the power from the front. If you are talking about a rear wheel drive vehicle, then there is no power coming from the front so both wheels would not spin.

In a front wheel drive vehicle, you may notice that when you turn hard left or right, one of your tires will spin. This is because power is being sent to only one side of the car at a time.

The other part of your question is why do we need two separate axles for each wheel? Well in most cases it’s just for looks and safety reasons. You see, if you had just one axle going through both wheels, then if something ever happened to that axle like say if it broke or bent out of place then both tires would go flat at once and it might cause some serious damage to your car!

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Last modified: October 6, 2022