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Do Ankle Weights Make You Jump Higher?

Ankle weights are a great way to increase the intensity of your lower body workout. They can also be used to increase your vertical jump by adding resistance to your leg muscles. If you are looking for a way to jump higher, ankle weights are definitely worth considering.

Ankle weights can be used for several different exercises. They can be worn during squats, lunges and other lower body exercises to increase the intensity of the workout. However, they are best used during plyometric exercises such as jumping rope or box jumps.

When it comes to improving your vertical jump height, there is no better way than using ankle weights with plyometric exercises like jumping rope or box jumps. Using ankle weights will help you improve both strength and power in your legs which will allow you to jump higher and further than ever before!

The most important thing to remember when using ankle weights is that they should only be worn during plyometric exercises where you are using explosive movements such as jumping rope or box jumps. Wearing them while doing squats or lunges will not allow you to utilize their full potential for increasing muscle strength or power output because these types of exercises require slower movement speeds and lower forces than plyometrics do.

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Last modified: September 18, 2022