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Do Alligators Mess With Kayaks?

I’ve been kayaking for years, and when I was younger I used to see alligators on a regular basis. I’ve never seen an alligator mess with a kayak, but they can bite if they want to.

There are many stories of people being attacked by alligators while out on the water in Florida. In most cases, they were fishing or standing on the shoreline when they were attacked by an alligator. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell if there are any alligators lurking under the water because their eyes are very small, and you can’t see them from a distance.

So how do you protect yourself from an alligator attack? Here are some tips:

  • Never feed or harass wild animals! Feeding animals is dangerous because it makes them lose their natural fear of humans. For example, if you feed bears or raccoons in your backyard, they may approach you later when you’re not expecting them and become aggressive when they’re not getting what they want.
  • Stay away from nests! Alligators tend to stay near their nests during breeding season (March – June), so avoid areas where there might be eggs or hatchlings lying on the ground.
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Last modified: October 13, 2022