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Can You Do A Perm On Bleached Hair?

Yes, you can perm bleached hair! In fact, the most damage you would cause is to the ends of your hair. Perms work by breaking down bonds in the hair shaft and then reforming them back into their original shape. Bleached hair contains a lot of natural oils and proteins, so it’s more difficult to break down these bonds.

If you’re still worried about damaging your bleached hair with a perm, there are ways to minimize damage. First, make sure that your stylist uses a neutralizing shampoo after applying the solution.

The neutralizing shampoo will help eliminate excess peroxide from your hair so that less damage occurs from the perm solution itself. Second, make sure that your stylist applies heat protectant before applying the solution and throughout the entire process. This will help prevent more damage from occurring during the process of opening up those cuticle scales on your bleached locks.

Finally, use a good conditioner after washing out your perm solution to restore moisture and shine back into your bleached locks!

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Last modified: October 9, 2022