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Are Vans Insoles Removable?

Yes, Vans insoles are removable. They’re also washable and replaceable. It’s easy to remove the Vans insoles, which makes it easy to clean them or replace them if they get worn out.

If you want to make your own pair of Vans shoes more comfortable, you can use another brand of insoles in your shoes. You can even put in a pair of memory foam insoles into your classic sk8-hi or slip-on vans shoes if you want something that feels like walking on clouds.

How Do You Remove The Insoles?

To remove the insoles, you’ll need to take off your shoes first. Then, take out the shoelaces and pull out the tongue from inside the shoe so that there is no longer anything holding down the top of your foot (the tongue).

Next, pull out either side of the insole until it comes out completely from its position under your feet. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see two holes where each side of your foot goes through when wearing the shoe; these are where you’ll put in new insoles if needed (or just leave them empty).

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Last modified: November 7, 2022