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Are Horses Scared Of Camels?

Horses are not scared of camels. They are actually very curious about them and will often approach a camel with curiosity. It is not uncommon to see a horse sniffing or nibbling at the camel’s legs or tail.

There are some horses that are afraid of camels and this is usually because they have been attacked by camels in the past. This can happen when there are too many horses and not enough food for everyone to eat. The camels may become aggressive if they feel that their territory is being invaded by other animals who want to eat from their food source. This can lead to some nasty injuries and even death among both species.

Horses have been domesticated for thousands of years now, so they have adapted well to living alongside humans, but they still retain their natural instincts which means that they can be quite skittish around wild animals like deer and coyotes, as well as predators like bears or wolves.

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Last modified: September 24, 2022