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Are Bratz Coming Back?

The Bratz brand is one of the most well-known toy lines in history, but it disappeared from stores in 2010 after sales began to decline. Now, a new line of dolls is set to hit shelves in October 2019.

Bratz creator Carter Bryant told The Washington Post that he has been working with members of the old team at MGA Entertainment to bring back the dolls that were so popular among kids in the 2000s. He said that they will be slightly different than before, but still contain some of their signature features like exaggerated eyes and lips and wild hairstyles.

“I feel like I’m giving them back their childhoods,” he told The Washington Post.

Bratz is one of the most popular and beloved dolls in the world. There has been a lot of rumors going around about Bratz coming back, but there hasn’t been anything confirmed yet.

The brand went out of business in 2010, but it was relaunched by MGA Entertainment in 2017. The company brought back the original dolls as well as their clothes, accessories and other products.

However, you can’t find them in stores anymore. If you want to buy new Bratz dolls, they’re available online only on Amazon or eBay at prices that start at around $100 each.

If you’re looking for deals on vintage dolls and accessories from earlier generations of Bratz, check out eBay’s collectibles section for a wide range of options.

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Last modified: October 25, 2022