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A Slap On The Back Is More Painful?

The slap on the back is more painful because it is a sudden and hard impact that travels from the point of impact to your spine. The punch in the face is absorbed by your jaw and hand, which dampen some of the pain.

The reason for this is simple physics. When you get punched, your body has two ways to absorb the force of that blow: through your hands and through your head. The problem with hitting someone in the face with an open hand is that it doesn’t really have anywhere to go except through their head (and face). So when you punch someone in the face, they’re getting hit with twice as much force as they would be if you just slapped them on their shoulder.

If you want to know why slaps hurt more than punches, there are several reasons:

Punches have a longer range than slaps Slaps are usually delivered with greater speed than punches Slaps often involve more than one finger on the target area (which increases the surface area)

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Last modified: October 8, 2022